Sunday, March 3, 2013

Our Saturday in the car...

Even though we received two offers already on our home, we still wanted to let all the scheduled showings for Saturday still come through.  They were scheduled all day Saturday starting at 8:30.  So we were up super early and out the door by 8. 
Our first stop was breakfast at Subway and then out to Lehi to check on our lot.  Unfortunately the weather was horrible, so we couldn't see much.  After a while of driving around, we noticed a tire was going flat.  We pulled up to a gas station just to find their tire pump was broken.  Our tire by that point was too flat to find another gas station.  So Das had to pull into the car wash and put the spare on.  His hands were frozen by the time he was done.

We found the nearest Big O Tires, and headed in to the busy waiting room.  1 1/2 hours later and several bags of popcorn....we were back on the road.

We decided to head over to Cabellas for some shopping. 

It was past lunch so we decided to introduce the boys to Chuck O Rama.  What Das refers to is Upchuck O Rama.  The big thing the boys went for were their wings.

They said this place is Heaven!

They of course had to have lots of dessert.  They could barely move afterwards.  We walked through a couple more Ivory Home models before we were finally able to head home.  So glad our house sold fast and we don't have to worry about showings again.

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